Violin Accessories

If you play the violin then to perform well some of the violin accessories which are very important will also be needed. While some of the accessories are needed while playing the instrument, others will be needed along side this musical instrument. It will be difficult to compete with the rest of the players if essential accessories are not used. To be able to play the violin well, rosin wrapped in a dark cloth is needed. Good quality rosin can last for at least two years and provides a good grip to the bow. Tuner as well as a metronome of good quality is also needed. The best of features and a beat that is loud enough is provided by a metronome that is solid enough. A mute is needed if an orchestra is being planned to play. Mutes are violin accessories in rubber pieces that cling to violin strings, for silencing a few overtones that are played by violin strings.

A.Breton VP-70 Shoulder Rest 4/4 - 3/4 A.Breton VP-70 Shoulder Rest 4/4 - 3/4 $16.47 Hill VP-02L Light Violin Rosin Hill VP-02L Light Violin Rosin $22.68