Regal RD-52 Black Lightning Resonator Guitar

Regal RD-52 Black Lightning Resonator Guitar - Image 1

Manufacturer: Regal

There’s never been another Dobro like it – the RD-52 is an unprecedented value with a style all its own! Inspired by a hit bluegrass song, this beautiful instrument features an original pearl peghead design that outclasses anything at three times the price! That’s just what you’d pay for any other Dobro with comparable features, such as a quality U.S.A. made cone, old-style sound well with parallelogram openings, correct California body shape and squareneck dimensions. The list goes on and on. The new RD-52 is the equal of any professional-grade Dobro made, yet is priced within the reach of the working musician. The fingerboard is rosewood and the entire guitar is finished in a high gloss translucent black. The body and neck are mahogany and the neck joins the body at the twelfth fret with the traditional interior extension. The scale is the traditional 25" and the nickel-plated butterbean tuners complete the vintage look of this modern classic. Each RD-52 is fully Shop adjusted and approved before shipment. We believe the new Regal RD-52 Black Lightning is the greatest value ever offered in a Dobro guitar – and when you get one in your hands, you will too!


  • Mahogany top, back, sides and neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with M.O.P. dot position markers
  • Classic PreWar 12th-fret neck body joint with stinger
  • Quarterman QD-1 Res-O-Cone and nickel-plated butterbean style tuners
  • Translucent black finish and original Black Lightning peghead design

Price: $452.00


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