DigiTech Whammy Pedal Re-issue with MIDI Control

DigiTech Whammy Pedal Re-issue with MIDI Control - Image 1

Manufacturer: DigiTech

The DigiTech Whammy is the upgraded reincarnation of one of DigiTech's most popular pedals.It's been almost a decade since DigiTech introduced the revolutionary, original WH-1 Whammy pedal. It has become one of the most sought after, most expensive pedals on the auction and used markets. Y2K brings the return of the original Whammy with the same metal construction and rotary controls, the same presets, smooth pitch bending and harmony effects -everything.But it doesn't stop there. After perfectly recreating the original, DigiTech added MIDI control and a new Dive Bomb effect. Dive Bomb sounds like youbottomed outa Floyd Rose to the point where the strings slap against the frets and pickups. Power supply included.DigiTech Whammy Pedal FeaturesOriginal Whammy performanceOriginal Whammy presetsNew Dive Bomb effectRugged new industrial chassis designLED indicated Display Preset selectionMIDI In for remote controlWet-Dry outputsPower supply includedEvery feature of the original WH-1 has been included in the new Whammy; From the rotary preset selection knob, to the Ferrari red color; From the mechanical momentary switch, to the exact same interval selections. However, the new Whammy has added the versatility of MIDI control making this timeless effect flexible enough for any situation. The newDive BombPreset gives the effect of a Floyd Rose whammy bar pushed all the way to the body of the guitar, and 16 LEDs provide a visual indication of your Preset selection even on dimly lit stages.


  • 6 Whammy modes including famous 2 Octave Up as heard on 100's of songs!
  • 10 Harmony Bend modes including 2nd Up to 3rd Up simulating pedal steel bends!
  • Expression pedal controls dive bombs and bends
  • Cutting-edge pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting
  • MIDI In and Out/Thru to control pitch bends via cc's

Price: $199.95
Total price:


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