Sabian 20" Jazz Ride HH Brilliant

Sabian 20

Manufacturer: Sabian

Ride Cymbal. Made by Sabian. Steeped in tradition, warm, imaginative, and emotional, Sabian Hand Hammered Series Cymbals speak with a musical darkness steeped in nearly 400 years of cymbal making history. SABIAN artisans craft secret process bronze into soulful cymbals, rich with dark, traditional tone. It's a complex blend of sounds that comes together in a warm, musical mix capable of motivating the musician in any discerning drummer. Individually unique, Hand Hammered is the cymbal with a sound that is a piece of art. Sabian Hand Hammered Series Jazz Ride Cymbal - BrilliantDark and simmering in the traditional style, with warm, dark, and trashy accenting at the slap of a stick.


  • The perfect addition to your drumset, Sabian cymbals are uniquely crafted to fit your sound.

Price: $349.00


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