Korg KDM2 Band & Orchestra Digital Metronome

Korg KDM2 Band & Orchestra Digital Metronome - Image 1

Manufacturer: Korg

The KDM2 is an excellent metronome, providing both audible and visual tempo cues. The tempo can be set manually or with the Tap Tempo function. An audio tone (C4 - B4) is provided as a tuning reference. The large custom LCD provides excellent visibility.,In addition to a straight count, 19 beat patterns are conveniently provided. Three PCM sounds - Cowbell, Clave, Agogo bell - let you define an easy-to-hear sound based on the musical setting. The cylindrical resonator (a Korg exclusive) provides a powerful, well defined tone - or listen privately through a headphone. The top-mounted Start/Stop switch houses dual-color LEDs to provide beat and downbeat indicators. Four AAA alkaline batteries provide 120 hours of continuous use at 120 BPM.


  • Dynamic metronome with 30-252 tempo range, 19 beat patterns, 3 PCM sounds, and Tap Tempo control
  • Korg's original cylindrical resonator provides powerful sound and improved tone; Headphone output
  • Top-mounted Start/Stop switch doubles as visual indicator; red & green LEDs mark beats and downbeats
  • Provides reference tuning pitch (C4-B4); A4 Calibration from 410 to 480 Hz.
  • Large LCD screen; efficient power for long battery life - 120 continuous hours at 120 BPM

Price: $59.99


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