Sabian N.Peart Complete Set with Flt Case

Sabian N.Peart Complete Set with Flt Case - Image 1

Manufacturer: Sabian

The Sabian Neil Peart Paragon cymbal set puts together everything Peart uses live. Includes 2 - 16" crashes, 18" and 20" crashes, 8" and 10" splashes, 22" ride, 19" and 20" Chinas, 13" and 14" hi-hats. Includes ATA-style flight case. Developed with Neil Peart of Rush, the Paragon series blends 2 styles of lathing for a very balanced cymbal tone. Pinpoint lathing creates a narrower groove for a fast, lively response on the top, while the traditional AA lathing creates a wider groove for a fuller, richer tone on the bottom side.


  • The perfect addition to your drumset, Sabian cymbals are uniquely crafted to fit your sound.

Price: $2 809.00


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