Sabian 14" Fusion Hats AABrilliant

Sabian 14

Manufacturer: Sabian

Made by Sabian. Sabian AA cymbals combine musicality and energy for sounds that are bright, bold and explosive! Reinforced with the power and strength of multi-rolled, secret-process bronze shaped under 75 tons of hydraulic pressure, AA delivers with inner strength and outer energy. Cool for retro, right for now, these highly durable cymbals move a lot of air in any kind of music. From the Latin flavor of El Sabor to models that rock, swing, and groove, AA is extremely versatile. AA Series Fusion Hi-hat Cymbals (pair) - BrilliantExtremely clean, crisp and cutting response is powered by heavy, air-vented bottom.


  • The perfect addition to your drumset, Sabian cymbals are uniquely crafted to fit your sound.

Price: $272.99


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