Orpheo Bass Clarinet with Low Eb

Orpheo Bass Clarinet with Low Eb - Image 1

Manufacturer: Orpheo

This Orpheo Bass Clarinet has literally no competition at its price point. This model goes down to Low C - very rare indeed! Because it's made of hard rubber, this bass clarinet is the most "wood-like" of any non-wood bass clarinet and features durability and low maintenance. A natural material, hard rubber has all the acoustic advantages of wood without wood's headaches. You'll never see one of these bass clarinets pinned and apart from the passage of a swab though the bore after playing, you won't have to worry much about maintenance! Occasionally oil the keywork and wipe it down. The only way you'll develop a crack in one of these bass clarinet joints is with a sledgehammer. Rather than being made from wood, where the casualty rates are exceedingly high in every step of manufacturing, when we set out to mold a bass clarinet made of hard rubber, that's what we end up with not a pile of toothpicks! This makes the manufacturing process more predictable, lowering the cost for you. The Orpheo Bass Clarinet comes to you with a professional mouthpiece specifically designed for the instrument not a toss-away! Protection is the name of the game with any clarinet case and ours features top-notch protection and maximum padding. You can always buy with confidence, knowing this Bass Clarinet comes with our 2 year warranty.


  • Range to low Eb
  • Hard rubber construction
  • Professional mouthpiece included
  • Deluxe case
  • 2 year warranty

Price: $1 355.00


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