Hemke Baritone Saxophone Reeds

Hemke Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Image 1

Manufacturer: Hemke

Hemke Baritone Saxophone Reeds Are individually hand-selected for the saxophonist who desires the ultimate in response, tonal elegance3 and flexibility. Providing maximum ease of playability throughout the entire range of the instrument, Hemke reeds also offer extraordinary playability from the lowest note to the altissimo harmonic range of the saxophone. Frederick L. Hemke reeds provide the dark tone favored by many classical and traditional jazz saxophonists. The design is especially well-suited to traditional, round-chambered mouthpieces. French filed for freedom of response, especially in the low register, adding clarity to the tone and making soft attacks easier.


  • Designed by Frederick L. Hemke, a world renowned performer and educator
  • Shorter vamp for dark tone
  • Balanced, slightly thinner tip for quick response and articulation
  • Each reeds comes in its on protective plastic sleeve
  • Five high quality reeds to a box

Price: $24.49
Total price:


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