EarMaster School 5

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Manufacturer: EarMaster APS

Music is really all about hearing. When you play or hear music, your ear recognizes melodies, but can also be trained to identify notes, intervals, chords, modes and all other important music elements. If you want your students to sing, improvise or jam with confidence, they need to recognize all of these elements. Ear training can make this possible. EarMaster is the perfect ear training solution for musicians and music students at all skill levels, whether instrumentalists or singers. EarMaster includes 651 ear training lessons for recognizing and transcribing intervals, chords, scales, rhythms and melodies. Your students can interact with EarMaster using the staff or the onscreen instruments: piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo and others. It provides detailed statistics on your progress and even allows you to create your own customized exercises. Learn to play, improvise and compose by ear. EarMaster School includes all of the features and exercises found in EarMaster Pro and more. It allows you to create custom class lessons using the tutor editor and supports progress tracking with mulitple users across a network.


  • Over 650 lessons in 12 exercise areas
  • Great features for customizing lessons, class and student management, network compatibility, and more!
  • Provides detailed statistics on your progress and even allows you to create customized exercises!

Price: $109.00


EarMaster Pro 5 EarMaster Pro 5 $49.95