Deejay Trim & Scratch 4&6

Deejay Trim & Scratch 4&6 - Image 1

Manufacturer: Hercules

DeeJay TRIM 4&6Powerful USB audio interface for DJing:¥ 4-channel input (line & phono), with an adjustable preamplifier per stereo input¥ Headphone output and microphone input with talk-over function¥ Built-in USB 2.0 hub (3 ports)¥ 4-in/4-out mode and 2-in/6-out mode+ VirtualDJ 6 LE TC (Timecode)¥ Play computer audio files¥ Control playback of computer audio files on your turntables or CD players¥ Mix the files on your external analog DJ mixerAdvantages of timecode DJ mixing1. Easy to learn for advanced DJs: DJs who have their own DJ gear (CD players/turntables/analog mixer) don′t need to learn how to use new DJ gear to mix computer audio files: they mix on the CD players, turntables and analog mixer they already know, and they control the computer audio files with the same gear (CD players/turntables/analog mixer) as if the tracks were on CDs or vinyl records.2. Highly accurate timecode controls: vinyl records (12" records) or jog wheels on good CD players (8" on Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3) have a larger diameter than the jog wheels on computer DJ mixing controllers, thereby providing higher accuracy for scratching.3. Switch instantly between computer audio files and standard audio CDs and records. The DJ keeps on mixing using the same equipment, whatever the source of the music: convenient and easy.Timecode DJ mixing gives the DJ instant access to tons of audio files stored on their computer, instead of having to carry around lots of heavy boxes of vinyl records and CDs.


  • Microsoft Windows¨ 7/ XP / Vista (32/64-bit);
  • Mac OS 10.5 / 10.6

Price: $299.00


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