4-MX - Image 1

Manufacturer: Hercules

Large DJ station for mobile computer DJs- 2-deck/4-deck metal DJ controller to mix 2 or 4 stereo audio tracks- 2 stereo out (for mixing & previewing) + 2 stereo in (for analog gear)- Mobile metal controller: a large mixer (40x25cm) with included carry bag2 large jog wheels with touch detection- Jog wheel size: 12cm diameter (4.7") x 1.9cm height (0.75")- Weight sensors, to detect the hand′s weight on the jog wheel top- Great for scratching and seeking within audio tracks2-deck & 4-deck control2 shift buttons to turn deck A into deck C, and deck B into deck D- 2-deck for standard DJ mixes, when mixing 2 audio tracks- 4-deck mixing: double the controls when you mix 4 tracksVIRTUAL DJ7 LE included: 4-deck DJ mixing software


  • For Windows XP/Vista/7
  • For Mac OS¨ 10.5 & 10.6

Price: $499.00


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