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Nagaswaram at


Nagaswaram - Image 1

Manufacturer: banjira

The Nagaswaram has seven finger-holes. There are five additional holes drilled at the bottom which are used as controllers. The Nagaswaram has a range of two and a half octaves like the flute. The system of fingering is similar to that of the flute. But unlike the flute, where semi and quarter tones are produced by the partial opening and closing of the finger holes, in the Nagaswaram they are produced by adjusting the pressure and strength of the air-flow into the pipe. Hence it is a very exacting instrument. Also, due to its intense volume and strength it is basically an outdoor instrument and much more suited for open spaces than for closed indoor concert situations. Comes with 5 spare reeds, 1 ivory needle or horn attached as well as a carrying bag. Length may vary between 34" to 35". There is approxamately 1" between each finger hole.


  • Beautiful instrument imported from craftspeople around the world!
  • Perfect for aspiring world musicians!
  • Made with authentic materials!

Price: $299.25


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