Yamaha YFH-8310Z Professional Flugelhorn

Yamaha YFH-8310Z Professional Flugelhorn - Image 1

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha Professional Flugelhorn have the classic design of vertical valve tubing. Hand-lapped valves and slides provide a precise fir and smooth flow of air through the instrument. The movable mouthpiece receiver ensures easy tuning. The Monel pistons are corrosion-proof and long lasting.


  • .413" bore
  • 6" one-piece yellow-brass bell
  • Monel pistons
  • Vertical valve slides and 3rd valve slide trigger
  • 11F4 mouthpiece and FHC-6310 case

Price: $2 454.99
Total price:


B&S Professional Bb Flugelhorn B&S Professional Bb Flugelhorn $1 800.00