Sitar, Flat Gourd

Sitar, Flat Gourd - Image 1

Manufacturer: banjira

This sitar offers some unique compromises for bands that want to include a sitar. First, the four main strings are gear tuned, saving space and making it much easier to tune. Second, the gourd is specially cut to achieve a more compact toomba. Third, this sitar offers an integral ·À€_ inch jack to hook into your amplifier. This is a more compact, portable, easier to tune sitar that does not compromising sound quality. There are four main strings, 2 chikari strings with traditional tuning pegs and eleven sympathetic stings. It is approximately 44 inches long, the face is 13 inches wide and the toomba is only 6-7 inches deep. Includes extra string set, mizrab, tuning guide (Book or CD-Rom as stock allows), and wooden case. These are all individually made and decorations and colors will vary.


  • Beautiful instrument imported from craftspeople around the world!
  • Perfect for aspiring world musicians!
  • Made with authentic materials!

Price: $494.25


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